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Collage photo of The Villages, Florida USA tunnel retaining wall restoration and moisture reduction

Tunnel Retaining Wall Restoration

The Villages Tunnel Retaining Wall Repair

Located in The Villages, Florida USA a Tunnel Retaining Wall Restoration was needed. The wall was having issues with hydrostatic water pressure that had settled or rest behind the wall. Moisture retention caused maintenance to paint the wall every 6 months. By installing the weep hole units this allowed maintenance to be back on the projected 5 year painting cycle. In addition, the filter cartridges will stop all soil loss from common erosion and panel issues. The project required the installation of (17) JF4SS – 4″ dia. Weep Hole Components in order to restore the tunnel wall.

JET Filter System for Proper Retaining Wall Drainage

Installing weep holes in retaining walls is crucial to relieve hydrostatic water pressure that can settle or rest behind the wall. Moisture retention can cause maintenance issues such as the need to repaint every six months like we see here with The Villages retaining wall restoration project, among other structural issues. It is easy to install our flush mount JET Filter System weep hole filters on any earth retaining wall structure, and they provide long term flow rates while preventing soil loss from common erosion and panel issues.

Increasing Life Expectancy With Proper Drainage

Proper maintenance and inspections can also avoid major disasters. Water without drainage may weaken retaining walls by eroding the material that supports the wall. Poor drainage may cause considerable challenges by settling behind the wall and saturating the soil with incredible pressure. By installing our JET Filter System Maintainable Weep Hole Components, you can increase the life of your retaining wall and provide a speedy exit route for water that inevitably finds its way in.

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