2.5″ dia. ABS Maintainable Drains – Part #: JF2.5ABS

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The JET Filter Maintainable Weep Hole filter prevents wall failure / movement by relieving water pressure and allowing drainage while saving time & money on extensive repairs. This 2.5″ diameter geocomposite wick drainage system is ideal for relieving the hydrostatic water pressure that inevitably builds up behind vinyl walls.

Geotextile Filter Fabric

The 2.5″ ABS weep hole filter comes standard with the highly-rated Mirafi® Filter-weave FW 300* series. This media maintains long-term flow rates in high gradient and dynamic conditions. With its removable inner cartridge, the filter can be changed and cleaned if needed, from the front side of the earth retaining structure without dredging from behind to replace the erosion control fabric.

JET Filter Weep Hole Filter Technical Specifications

Housing: ABS

Filter Cartridge: ABS

Filter Media: Tencate Mirafi FW300*

Colors: Slate, Gray, Brown and Clay

Corrosion & UV Protection: Housing, Filter Cartridge & Filter Media

* If needed, please call to discuss other weep hole geotextile options.

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Fabric Surface Area Weep Hole Components - 2.5
Fabric Surface Area Comparison Weep Hole Components - 3

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