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Natchez Trace HWY Bridge Abutment Drainage Improvement

162 JET Filter Drainage systems used to update drainage design of bridge abutments along the Natchez Trace Highway.

Drainage Dillema

Bridges are essential in our infrastructure network, and the Natchez Trace – T.O.3 project is a prime example of effective bridge abutment drainage improvement. Facing significant drainage challenges along the Natchez Trace Highway, the Federal Highway Administration, in collaboration with Dozier, LLC and under the guidance of the US Federal Highway Administration Mississippi Division, initiated a project focused on enhancing drainage in bridge abutments.


Central to this effort was the deployment of 162 units of the JET Filter 4” open-diameter open-end (Part number #JF4SS), complemented by the durable and permeable Mirafi® Filter-weave FW 300. This bridge abutment drainage improvement project involved meticulous installation of weep hole assemblies across various bridge abutments in Clinton, Jackson, and Canton, Mississippi, ensuring enhanced drainage and long-term structural integrity.

The results of this bridge abutment drainage improvement initiative were significant. Not only did it solve the immediate issues of waterlogging, but it also safeguarded the bridges against potential long-term deterioration. This strategic intervention exemplifies a cost-effective approach to infrastructure maintenance, avoiding more extensive and expensive repairs.

In conclusion, the Natchez Trace T.O.3 project demonstrates the impact of targeted engineering solutions in infrastructure. The successful bridge abutment drainage improvement has extended the lifespan of these vital structures, ensuring their continued safe and efficient operation on a major transportation route. This project serves as a model for future infrastructure maintenance and safety initiatives.

At a Glance

Project Location: Mississippi

Owner: Federal Highway Administration

Engineer: Federal Highway Administration MS Division

Contractor: Dozier, LLC

  • Improved Drainage Design of bridge abutments along the Natchez Trace Highway

  • ABS Maintainable Drains Installed

  • 162 Units of the 4″ Open-End JET Filters were installed

Product Used

4″ Open-end Jet Filter

Part# JF4SS