New Walkthrough Video of Jet Filter Box Culvert Drainage Installation for Michigan DOT

Precast Concrete Box Culvert Drainage System

This walkthrough video of a project for the Michigan DOT on a Precast Concrete Box Culvert Drainage Installation using the Jet Filter Conical Weep Hole Filter. The contractor, J&N Construction installed the 4″ Open-Ended Conical Weep Hole Filter to ensure effective drainage over the life of the culvert.

This video shows a recent installation by J&N Construction out of Gaylord, MI of the 4″ Open-Ended Conical Weep Hole Filter by JET Filter Systems for the Michigan Department of Transportation. The 4″ Weep hole Filters were installed in a precast concrete box culvert to help ensure effective drainage of water collected behind the culvert wall. The Filter will relieve hydrostatic pressure buildup while preserving the support soils behind the wall.

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