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“They are very impressive, especially the larger stainless steel unit. I will make sure to specify them where I can and will attempt to have the residential seawall contractors I work for use them as well.”

Principal Engineer
Advanced Engineering & Design Inc.

“That is a very impressive item!! I have already specified the 4″ Jet Filter for the steel sheet piling bulkhead project in St. Kitts, Caribbean – and I plan to specify these on ALL future bulkhead projects.”

Associate Engineer
Jon Guerry Taylor & Associates

“Very nice and rugged”

Coastal Engineer
Docks & Marinas Inc

“It appears to be a well-constructed and well-thought out device.”

Principal Engineer
SOMAT Engineering Inc.

“Interesting and useful product. We intend to specify on next Z sheet piling project.”

Principal Engineer
Sheet Piling UK

“Have to say we were quite impressed by the quality.”

AMI Consulting Engineers PA

“Like the heavy duty outer shell. The steel will provide a more durable structure in the industrial and heavy marine settings.”

Principal Engineer

“The JET Filter System looks like a very interesting product, with potential applications outside of simple sheet piling.”

Vice President, Engineering

“We use your filters in every seawall repair we do! Awesome product!”

Mr. David Tuck, Contractor
US Precision Grout