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Michigan DOT I-96 Culvert

Near Coopersville, MI, I-96 crosses a large drainage culvert that extends more than 100’ under the East & West bound lanes as well as the median. Michigan DOT maintenance and bridge inspection forces found that significant amounts of supporting soils were leaching through existing weep holes during large rain events and suspected voids may be present behind the culvert walls. Boring samples confirmed that, even though no settlement was visible, large voids had developed on both sides of the culvert below the above highway. It was only a matter of time before the voids reached critical mass and collapsed.

In May 2018, MDOT engaged Spartan Specialties who pressure grouted the newly detected voids. This process filled in the voids and compacted adjacent loose soil so that sinkholes would not develop. A solution was still needed to address the leaching through the existing weep holes. The hydrostatic water pressure still needed to be relieved through the weep holes, but any continued leaching would mean the development of new voids.

The weep holes in this culvert are unique. Instead of the traditional round weep hole, these weep holes are rectangular (4”x4.5”) and slope upward at a 45 degree angle. Jet Filter System was contacted and presented a challenge!

How to fit a round drain in a square hole?

Jet Filter System provided custom fabricated 7×7 stainless steel adaptor plates that easily & properly sealed the square holes. Thirty-nine 2.5” stainless steel maintainable drains were then installed in the center of the adaptor plate.

JET Filter’s unique design made them
the ideal retrofit because they:

1. Do not require costly excavation;
2. Are easy to install & maintain;
3. Extend the life-span of a bridge.

Maintainable Weep Hole System
Providing Geotextile Drainage
& Erosion Control

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