The most important economic resources of civilization

Transportation infrastructure is among the most important economic resources of civilization. Billions of dollars are spent on structures to support the movement of goods, services, and people throughout the United States. Highways, roads, bridges, railroads, drainage culverts, and more are expensive to build. They must be designed, built & preserved for more than 100 years of service life.

JET Filter’s maintainable weep hole solution can help extend the service life of retaining structures that support our transportation infrastructure.

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Transportation Infrastructure
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Bridge Abutments

There are over 600,000 bridges in the US. This includes any roadway which crosses 10′ or more of open space such as water, another road, train tracks, culverts, etc. Each bridge span has 2 abutments holding up each end of the bridge. The stability of these abutments is critical to bridge safety.

JET Filter’s maintainable weep hole filters can be used to drain water from behind abutments. This relieves the water pressure and keeps key bridge components dry to minimize rust and failure.

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Watersheds are always draining water through ditches, creeks, streams, and rivers. Even though the majority of these waterways carry small amounts of water; roadways must still pass over them. Box culverts are commonly used to carry the water under the roadway.

Maintainable weep hole filters are used to relieve pressure off culvert walls, ceilings, and even culvert floors.

Retaining wall with Maintainable Weep Hole Filters

Retaining Walls & Wing Walls

Retaining walls and wing walls are used along roadways to hold up roadways and surrounding soils that are elevated above or sunken below ground level. Wing walls are primarily used to stabilize each side of a bridge abutment or culvert opening.

Retaining walls are used to hold up roadways, entrance ramps, and exit ramps whenever the road is above or below the surrounding ground.

Hydrostatic pressure builds up behind retaining walls and wing walls and must be drained. Maintainable weep hole filters are the most cost-effective solution to extend a wall’s service life.