Steel Sheet Pile

The JET Filter's Maintainable Weep Hole Filter system is ideal for Steel Sheet Pile walls.

The Interlocking Z Type Steel Sheet Pile retaining walls are susceptible to the buildup of substantial hydrostatic water pressure, which is a critical concern in the design of these structures. Inadequate drainage can lead to buckling, toe kick-out, and other forms of failure such as movement, failed interlocks, and deteriorated anchor tie-back systems.

Harbors, Ports & Marinas
Canals, Dams & Inland Waterways
Transportation Retaining Walls and Bridge Abutments

Failed Steel Sheet Piling Wall

The JET Filter’s Maintainable Weep Hole Filter’s integrate the highly rated Mirafi FW Series woven geotextile fabric to prevent soil loss while draining excess water.

Delivers up to 200% better drainage than standard weep holes with its unique conical design for more flow capacity.


Easy to Install, Cost Effective and Easy to Maintain

Compliant with the Buy American Clause

Made in USA


Steel Sheet Pile wall designs must contain a drainage solution to keep hydrostatic pressure off the wall. Additionally, proper maintenance and inspections can also help avoid major disasters. Water run-off and tidal surges without drainage may cause issues to the Steel Sheet Piling structure. Furthermore, poor drainage may cause considerable challenges by settling behind the wall and saturating the soil with incredible pressure.

Avoid Repairs or Replacement


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Sheet Piling Installation Overview

Sheet Piling Seawall Installation Overview

Steel Sheet Piling Project Examples

Lower Santa Ana River Channel
Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers
Contractor: CJW Construction Inc.
Location: Riverside, California, USA
Imperial Oil
Location: Kearl Lake, Alberta, Canada

ENVIA Energy Plant - GLS Plant

Owner: Ventech Engineers International
Contractor: Wildcat Construction
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Cane Island Branch Channel Bank Stabilization

Contractor: Shirley & Sons Construction Co., Inc.
Location: Wylie, Texas, USA
PSE&G Sewaren-7

Location: Township Of Woodbridge, New Jersey, USA

Replacement of Bridge Gloucester Line over Annisquam River

Contractor: J.F. White Contacting Co.
Location: Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA
Secord Lake Seawall

Location: Gladwin County, Michigan, USA

Riverwalk Park

Location: Salisbury, Maryland, USA

Trail Creek Marina

Owner: Michigan City Port Authority
Contractor: JCI Bridge Group
Location: Michigan City, Indiana, USA
Wrightsville Beach Marina

Contractor: Intercoastal Contracting
Location: Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, USA
I-70 Tower/Colfax Ave

Owner: Colorado Department of Transportation
Contractor: Ames Construction
Location: Aurora, Colorado, USA
I-90/Mannheim Rd

Owner: Illinois Department of Transportation
Location: Mannheim RD/I-90 Tollway, Chicago, Illinois, USA
County Bridge Repair

Contractor: Constructors Services
Location: Worland, Wyoming, USA
Utica Harbor Terminal Bulkhead

Contractor: Tioga Construction
Owner: Utica Harbor Point Development Corp.
Location: Utica, New York, USA
Cross Creek Hurricane Repair

Contractor: Fred Smith Company
Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA
Avalon Bay Yonkers

Contractor: Seacoast Marine Construction
Location: Yonkers, New York, USA
Howard-Cooper Co Regional Port Authority Wharf Dock

Contractor: Magruder Construction
Location: Boonville, Missouri, USA
Harlingen Irrigation District Cameron County

Contractor: ERS, Inc.
Owner: USDA
Location: Harlingen, Texas, USA