Sheet Piling

The JET Filter System's Maintainable Weep Hole Filters are ideal for dewatering seawalls and retaining walls composed of sheet piling.

The JET Filter’s Weep Hole Filters are a flush mount geocomposite wick drainage system that can be permanently installed on the front side of seawalls and retaining walls. It prevents the loss of soil and backfill material through weep holes, is easily unclogged as needed, and relieves panel stress.

The filter is great for Vinyl Sheet Piling; Z Type Steel Sheet Piling; FRP Composite; and, Aluminum Sheet Piling.

All sheet pile structures are interlocking and will experience the build-up of significant hydrostatic water pressure, a vital issue for a sheet piling design. Without appropriate drainage, the walls will experience buckling, toe kick out, sink holes, and other types of failure.

JET Filter components are made in the USA and are compliant with the Buy American Clause.

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Sheet Piling
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Sheet Piling

Steel sheet pile is commonly used for seawalls, bulkheads and retaining walls. It provides excellent strength for applications with high wall exposure. Steel sheet piles are interlocking and are generally easy to install, even in harder substrate. Steel sheet pile must be properly coated and maintained for a long service life.


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Sheet Piling

Vinyl sheet pile is an economical product with service life of 50+ years. It is available in different colors. Vinyl sheet pile walls are typically shorter in height due to its limited strength. Most marine structures will need to have the wall supported with tie backs and drainage systems to meet the strength requirements. 


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Sheet Piling

Composite sheet pile seawalls serve as a defense against ground erosion. Composite seawalls are an engineered material with remarkable strength, consisting of fiber reinforced polymers. Composite walls are environmentally friendly as they will not rot, decay, rust or spall.

Maintainable Weep Hole Filters provide seawall drainage on aluminum sheet pile seawall

Sheet Piling

Aluminum sheet piling provides good corrosion resistance, but given its lighter strength characteristics, it is best for walls with minimal exposed wall height. There is corrosion potential of dissimilar metal hardware, do not use in waters with low Ph. Always use light, permeable backfill material.