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Retaining Wall & Wing Wall - INDOT

JET Filter’s Weep Hole filters are used for retaining wall and wing wall drainage to preserve wall life and protect against hydrostatic pressure build up.

Retaining walls and wing walls are basic structures used in many different areas of construction. Retaining walls are key to protecting against soil erosion and holding back the earth for public areas and infrastructure. Wing walls can provide a smooth shift between an abutment and surrounding soils.

Just like most infrastructure, retaining walls and wing walls must have proper drainage. If not, this can cause walls to crack, bulge, and fail. Runoff water can settle behind or underneath walls, eventually putting strain and pressure on the backside of any wall. Many retaining walls have specifications that can resist the weight of the soil but lack the ability to handle the intense force of water build-up.

The JET Filter weep hole system is ideal for increasing the life of retaining walls and wing walls. This drainage solution installs through the front side of any wall, letting water drain out the front of the wall while the geotextile fabric cartridge creates a barrier to protect against soil loss and maintains the integrity of backfill material, preserving the infrastructure life. 

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Open End:
  • 3″ Open End JET Filter
  • 4″ Open End JET Filter
  • 6″ Open End JET Filter
Closed End:
  • 3″ Closed End JET Filter With Louver Vent
  • 4″ Closed End JET Filter With Louver Vent
  • 6″ Closed End JET Filter With Louver Vent

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