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ports and marinas wall JET Filter Installation

Maintainable weep hole filters are an important drainage solution in ports, marinas, bays, and piers.

Ports and marinas are the gateways for coastal commerce and recreation. They are designed for foot traffic, boat traffic, and the movement of cargo. These marine structures must be kept in good condition to maintain a safe and stable environment as well as a successful business.

Bulkhead and seawall structures used by marinas and ports face many potential issues without the proper drainage systems. Groundwater, rising water levels, and decline in value of these structures can cause unseen voids and hydrostatic pressure build-up. These factors lead to structure failures, making marinas and port conditions unsafe.

Signs of structure failure:

  • Uplift of concrete slabs
  • Sinkholes or structures falling apart
  • Cracked or uneven walkways
ports and marinas wall inspection photo

How to preserve the infrastructure?

To save the infrastructure of ports and marinas, it is critical to relieve the pressures from behind and under these structures. Maintainable weep hole filters by JET Filter System are ideal for extending the life of dams, spillways, and detention basins. Maintainable weep hole filters install from the front or top of any earth retaining structure without excavation. The system allows water to drain through the structure while protecting against soil loss. The geotextile fabric cartridge provides soil filtration to maintain the integrity of backfill material and thus save the infrastructure’s life. Maintainable weep hole filters can be easily accessed and quickly maintained to ensure consistent drainage results year to year. For applications with periodic water height fluctuations, JET Filter’s backflow preventer unit relieves hydrostatic pressure while protecting against external water pressures from entering the weep hole, making ideal for extending the life of port & marina walls.

These failure signs will be ugly to guests and may reduce the value of the property. They will also be costly and difficult to repair. Make sure your marina or port has the proper drainage system to avoid these potential problems.

Protect your port & marina today at 1-800-475-2029 or info@jetfiltersystem.com.

Open End:
  • 3″ Open End JET Filter
  • 4″ Open End JET Filter
  • 6″ Open End JET Filter
Closed End:
  • 3″ Closed End JET Filter With Louver Vent
  • 4″ Closed End JET Filter With Louver Vent
  • 6″ Closed End JET Filter With Louver Vent

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