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JET Filter maintainable weep hole filters preserve lakes and waterways by stopping erosion and relieving water pressure.

Lakes and waterways serve as hotspots for boating, travel, swimming, and pleasure. To help protect the bodies of water and surrounding land, communities may build river walks, seawalls, bulkheads, block retaining walls, and canals. These bodies of water can be used nearly every day, making it necessary for these products to perform well and be safe for everyone around.

Without proper drainage, the public river walks, canals, or lake seawalls may not perform correctly and can lead to speeding up erosion behind the structure. Rivers and lakes are subject to floods that happen every year, this change in water level displaces soil particles and can create substantial hydrostatic pressure on manmade infrastructures. These inland bodies of water also collect much of the ground water runoff from storms. The rainwater will travel down through the earth, taking the fastest route to the nearest body of water. If a concrete wall, bulkhead, or sheet piling wall does not have the proper solutions to release the water, it will create its own opening, move around the soil, or sit still trapped behind a structure. All three of these problems can speed up the failure of retaining walls.

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Causes of structure failure


  • Lake and river flooding
  • Rainwater runoff
  • Regular public use

The JET Filter system is ideal for extending the life of inland water structures. This drainage solution connects to the front side of any retaining wall, which allows for water to weep through into the appropriate body of water. The geotextile fabric cartridge creates a barrier to protect against soil loss and maintains the integrity of backfill material, saving the infrastructure life. JET Filter weep holes can be easily accessed and maintained, keeping water flowing steady year to year. For cases of rising water level JET Filter has one-way flow valves, releasing hydrostatic pressure on one side of the wall while stopping splashes or return flow into or behind the retaining wall.

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Open End:
  • 3″ Open End JET Filter
  • 4″ Open End JET Filter
  • 6″ Open End JET Filter
Closed End:
  • 3″ Closed End JET Filter With Louver Vent
  • 4″ Closed End JET Filter With Louver Vent
  • 6″ Closed End JET Filter With Louver Vent

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