Flood & Stormwater Channels

Flood & Stormwater Channels

Adequate infrastructure is crucial in areas prone to heavy rainfall and storm surges to effectively manage water flow and protect properties and infrastructure from damage. To design effective stormwater channels, you must thoroughly understand the local climate topography, and any other factors that can influence water flow. 

Flood And Stormwater Channel install photo

Flood-Stormwater Channels

During heavy rainfall, stormwater collects in the flood channel. However, the water may accumulate behind or under the concrete panels. Designed to handle high volumes of excess water, flood channels are wider and deeper than regular channels. To relieve water pressure from behind the channel walls, JET Filter’s one-way valve weep hole component can be used. 

Flood And Stormwater Channel - Dams and Spillways

Dams & Spillways

Dams and spillways are big structures that keep a large amount of water in control. They help prevent flooding and can also produce electricity. These huge structures hold back many tons of water and have to handle a lot of pressure from the water. To make sure they don’t break, it’s important for dams and spillways to be built well and taken care of properly. 

closeup photo of water canal with sheet piling

Watershed & Bank Protection

Natural draining systems, called watersheds, channel water through creeks, rivers, lakes, and eventually to the ocean. During storms, large amounts of water simultaneously attempt to flow through the watershed.