Flood & Stormwater Channels

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Flood & Stormwater Control
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Flood & Stormwater Channels

Flood Channels are used to control stormwater drainage. As stormwater collects into the channel it may also settle behind or underneath the concrete panels. JET Filter’s one-way valve weep hole component can be used to relieve the water pressure from behind the channel walls.

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Dams & Spillways

Dams and Spillways hold back many tons of water to control water flow, prevent flooding and sometimes generate power. These large structures handle a huge amount of hydrostatic pressure. To endure these types of loads, it is important that these structures to be well designed and well maintained.

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Watershed & Bank Protection

Watersheds are natural draining systems that channel water through creeks, into rivers, through lakes and finally to the ocean. During storm events, large amounts of water try to flow through the watershed at the same time.