Dams & Spillways

Dams and Spillways hold back many tons of water to control water flow, prevent flooding and sometimes generate power. These large structures handle a huge amount of hydrostatic pressure. To endure these types of loads, it is important that these structures to be well designed and well maintained.

Wing walls, floor aprons, and retention basins are essential components of some dams and spillways. This infrastructure corrals water flow into the required areas and allows runoff water to collect into the controlled channel. However, water also collects behind wing walls & channel walls exerting pressure against the back of the walls. This pressure can cause wall movement, cracks, or seam separation. Water pressure can also build up under the apron, channel, or basin floors. An upward pressure can cause slab uplift, shifting, or even sinking.

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To preserve the infrastructure, it is critical to relieve the pressures from behind and under these structures. Maintainable weep hole filters by JET Filter System are ideal for extending the life of dams, spillways, and retention basins. Maintainable weep hole filters install from the front or top of any earth retaining structure without excavation. The system allows water to drain through the structure while protecting against soil loss. The geotextile fabric cartridge provides soil filtration to maintain the integrity of backfill material and thus preserve the infrastructure’s life. Maintainable weep hole filters can be easily accessed and quickly maintained to ensure consistent drainage results year to year. For applications with periodic water height fluctuations, JET Filter’s backflow preventer unit relieves hydrostatic pressure while protecting against external water pressures from entering the weep hole.

Protect your dam or spillway structures today at 1-800-475-2029 or info@jetfiltersystem.com.

Open End:
  • 3″ Open End JET Filter
  • 4″ Open End JET Filter
  • 6″ Open End JET Filter
Closed End:
  • 3″ Closed End JET Filter With Louver Vent
  • 4″ Closed End JET Filter With Louver Vent
  • 6″ Closed End JET Filter With Louver Vent
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