Concrete Seawalls & Bulkheads

JET Filter Installed on Concrete Seawall
Always install above the hard growth/barnacle line.

Maintainable Weep Hole Filters prevent erosion & relieve water pressure from behind concrete seawalls & bulkheads!

Extend the life of your concrete seawalls and bulkheads. Maintainable Drains can protect marinas, industrial harbors, municipal canals, stormwater channels, and private properties.

Core Drilling a Weep Hole Into Concrete Seawalls for JET Filter Installation

The JET Filter maintainable drainage & erosion control unit mounts flush into any new or existing concrete seawall or bulkhead. The JET Filter relieves hydrostatic water pressure while preventing loss of soil and backfill material.

Seawalls, bulkheads, and other marine structures are vulnerable to the effects of water pressure behind the structure. Failure to drain water pressure is the #1 cause of wall failure and expensive concrete seawall repair. Why?

Groundwater naturally flows from behind the wall toward the open body of water in front of the seawall or bulkhead.
During storm events, rainwater percolates into the soil behind the wall. Surface runoff may put more water on top of the soil.
Waves overtopping the wall during storms add more water into the soil.
As water flows, it seeks the easiest path…the path of least resistance. Drainage systems should always be the path the water follows. Unfortunately, drainage systems will ultimately clog and fail. They are no longer the path of least resistance.

When drainage is clogged, the easiest paths are typically under the toe, around the ends, or through the seams. If none of those paths are available, the water pressure will push against the concrete until cracks are formed.

Concrete Seawall Installation Overview
Open End:
  • 3″ Open End JET Filter Assembly
  • 4″ Open End JET Filter
  • 6″ Open End JET Filter
Closed End:
  • 3″ Closed End JET Filter With Louver Vent
  • 4″ Closed End JET Filter With Louver Vent

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