Composite Sheet Pile

FRP Composite Sheet Piling use JET Filter's highly regarded Drainage Solution to relieve hydrostatic pressure.

Corrosion Resistant Composite Sheet Pile structures will experience the build-up of significant unbalanced hydrostatic water pressure as well as lateral earth pressure. Without a rapid drawdown and speed to drain, the Composite Sheet Piling will experience active and passive rotation, wall rotational failure and other types of failures such as deteriorated/stress anchor tie-back systems.




Retaining Walls 

Maintainable Weep Hole Filters integrate the highly rated Mirafi woven geotextile fabric to prevent soil loss while draining excess water. This makes the JET Filter a perfect solution for a Composite Sheet Pile wall. With their unique conical design, they can deliver up to 200% better drainage performance than standard weep holes. Speed to drain is critical after water infiltration due to storms, over toping waves or snow melt.


Easy to Install, Easy to Maintain and Cost Effective

UV Protected

Made in USA


Proper maintenance and inspections can also help avoid major disasters with your composite wall. Water run-off and tidal surges without drainage may cause issues to the structure. Furthermore, poor drainage may cause considerable challenges by settling behind the wall and saturating the soil with incredible pressure.

Avoid Costly Repairs or Replacement

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Sheet Piling Seawall Installation Overview

Composite Sheet Piling Project Examples

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Location: Sebastian, Florida, USA
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Residential Property

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